Aspendale Gardens Community Service - Equipment for Cooking Classes

Funded in Cycle 8

We want to equip our Community Kitchen with the basics to enable us to run a variety of cooking, baking and decorating classes for people from all backgrounds, abilities and ages in our local community. A recent survey showed significant interest in learning cooking skills and our July School Holiday pilot cooking classes (which we ran with borrowed equipment) were such a hit that one session sold out! It is clear that our community wants to learn this vital life skill which we wish to empower.

The total project cost isÂ… $1 702.00

The major costs associated with the project are
Pots/Pans $594
Cake tins $89
Roasting dishes $59
Baking trays $47
Utensils $50
Baking equipment $100
Mixing Bowls $69
Chopping Boards $44
Cleaning equipment $60
Safety equipment $60
Instructor $60 per session x 2
Ingredients $80 per session x 2
Administration and Marketing $250

We will use the grant to buy;
Stick mixer sets x3 $87
Pots/Pans x6 sets $594
Cake tins x6 $89
Roasting dishes x6 $59
Pie dishes x6 $47
Woks x6 $59
Baking trays x6 $47
Pestle & Mortar x1 $18

The classes will be self funded with fees. Other equipment will be bought with money raised from the classes and planned fundraising initiatives. We will run a donation drive for 2nd hand goods


Lisa D

01 Aug 2017

Fantastic idea. The demographic of Aspendale Gardens is mostly young families. Community Centres with activities like this one brings so much to the local community and especially our kids. I hope they expand on this and continue to grow.

Steven S

01 Aug 2017

Votes for cooking equipment!

Meagan T

01 Aug 2017

Aspendale Gardens Community Centre gives so much to our community and deserves this reward to continue their amazing work that they do!

Scott M

01 Aug 2017

All the best with your initiative, it's a fantastic idea and I really hope it is something that eventuates as it would be of significant benefit to our community!

Laura V

01 Aug 2017

best of luck


01 Aug 2017

Brilliant scheme and centre that deserves support

Michael F

02 Aug 2017

Great idea for building community

Diane M

03 Aug 2017

Wonderful idea

Michael P

03 Aug 2017

Great idea