Be AWARE - No need to feed

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AWARE Wildlife Inc would like to work towards a better relationship between the seagulls of Frankston and the public. We would like to create educational signage to offer to local shop keepers and cafes on the negative affects of feeding the gulls, which cause them to be aggressive and a nuisance.

We hope that by educating the public on this behavior they can learn to enjoy the beauty of the silver gull and the gulls can enjoy being the wild beautiful birds that they are.

The total project cost is… $1 000.00

The major costs associated with the project are… :

Artwork $250
Printing of professional fade proof signage $750

The $1,000 grant will be used to… create professional fade proof colour signage to offer shop keepers and cafe owners on not feeding the the Frankston seagulls.

If more funds are needed we can raise the funds via chocolate selling as a fundraiser.



10 Oct 2014

Living in Frankston. a seaside suburb, for over 40 years, I luv our seagulls, and people need to be educated that the gulls are aggressive for food scaps because of people feeding them, and this feeding of them needs to stop.

Edwina M

11 Oct 2014

Let's get behind this great project! Bread & hot chips are not silver gull food.

Patricia P

12 Oct 2014

I have a huge respect for the work AWARE is doing and have done. Volunteers working for ALL our wildlife, not just the endangered species. I am impressed by their drive to help all wildlife and our seagulls deserve protection as much as all living beings. Well done, AWARE!! Good Luck!!

Paula R

13 Oct 2014

Would love to see a better relationship between the public and these beautiful native birds.

Karen S

13 Oct 2014

Great idea, good luck.

Karen U

14 Oct 2014

What a great idea & hope the signage goes ahead!!

Louise B

16 Oct 2014

Feeding the gulls just creates aggressive birds. They should be eating what is natural to them