Brunswick South Primary School Bike Shelter

Many Brunswick South Primary School students want to ride to school but currently there is no secure place to house bikes. Our project will build bike parking under a centrally located shelter to keep bikes dry and more secure. Riding to school promotes the health and wellbeing of children commuting to the school, which is located on major bike paths, convey a sense of the importance of sustainable transport through riding and provide a central and safe place for bikes at school.

The total project cost is… $3 000.00

The major costs associated with the project are…:

Bike parking stands (up to 40) or racks (up to 20) $1000
Roof and fencing materials $1000
Labour $1000

The $1,000 grant will be used to… provide the bike parking stands or racks for the bike shelter.

The remainder of the funds will be raised through school fundraising activities, more than half of which has already been raised.


Jane S

31 Jul 2017

Greatly needed considering the number of children who ride to school

Michael L

31 Jul 2017

What is more important than learning? Riding a bike of course. Our kids would love a bike shelter !

Anne C

31 Jul 2017

A very worthy plan to help local children ride to school safely and have a place to store their bikes for the day.

Steffie-Lee M

31 Jul 2017

Great idea for a beautiful school!

Gervase M

31 Jul 2017

Riding to school is great for the health of our kids and also for reducing traffic congestion in the local area - would be wonderful to have a proper bike shed to store the kids' bikes safely.

Kate P

03 Aug 2017

Keep our bikes dry!

Catherine D

05 Aug 2017

My children all ride to school some of the time. It's a great way to get to school but you need somewhere save and dry to lock your bike