Chill-out area with wooden seating

The idea is to transform a cemented area of the school yard into a relaxing chill-out space. It will contain 7 large wooden seats to accommodate about 35 children; indigenous grasses & plants will be added to this special place.
Ground preparation, design, construction and installation of the seating will be done by volunteers. Benefits are: encourage people to get together and have a place to unwind. Part of building a stronger school community; motivates to participate in community projects.

The total project cost isÂ… $3 050.00

Estimated material cost for 1 seat:
hardwood sleepers for structural frame $120
hardwood for cladding $150
Fixings: screws & 8x brackets $80
Total for 1 seat: $ 350 / 7 seats: $2,450

cement and wood protection for 7 seats: $300
indigenous grasses, flowers & soil & mulch: $300

all labour and tools are provided by volunteers

The $1,000 leader grant will be spent on purchasing hardwood cladding and fixings.

The remaining funding will be taken out of the BHPS building and ground fund which contains monies rose at previous years’ Spring Fair.