Colchester Outdoor Musical Garden - Music to our Ears!!

At Colchester Park PreSchool, our garden is tired. We are creating an Outdoor Musical Garden including a circular maze with a construction above to hang elements from, and a musical corner that houses an xylophone hanging amongst the trees and a musical frame for the children to create their own music.
This wonderful garden will inspire the children to develop many skills including decision making, gross motor skills and cognition whilst stimulating the children's creativity and imagination.

The total project cost isÂ… $4 800.00

The major costs associated with the project
Item 1 - Relocation of existing swing
Item 2 - Supply and installation of new timber structure with stainless steel tensioned wires $1500.00
Item 3 - Planted Circular Maze. Supply and installation of 42 lineal metres of hedging to form a spiral maze
Item 4 - Construction of a hand made musical frame and xylophone

The $1,000 grant will be used to
* construct a musical frame and xylophone
* purchase of elements and wind chimes (using themes such a fairy garden or solar system) which will hang over the maze.

We have been fundraising throughout the year and are currently awaiting the outcomes of several grants which if successful, will meet the remaining costs.


Sue J

03 Aug 2017