Craigieburn Camera Club

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CCC’s growth over the past 18mths demonstrates that the arts are alive & well in Hume. With an informal membership of 60residents & an average of 20 attending each meeting /workshop and field trip, the quality of photography being produced by the group is exceptional. CCC brings people together to generously share their knowledge & to venture out to places of beauty in a friendly & social atmosphere.CCC requires display equipment to continue its free community exhibitions to help expand the club

The total project cost is… $1 000.00

The major costs associated with the project are…
Item 1 $800 Display Boards
Item 2 Mounting card for framing $100
Item 3 Adhesive & other mounting components $100
CCC has previously borrowed display boards. These are not big enough & not always available.Having our own boards will enable us greater flexibility to move our exhibition to different parts of Hume & make the community aware of us.

The $1,000 grant will be used to… purchase display equipment so that CCC can increase it’s capacity to run local exhibitions, in turn getting more and more hume residents involved in photography.

$1000 will cover the majority of the clubs financial needs for exhibition resources. However some additional funds for mounting costs will be raised via a nominal fee to members.


Anna L

03 Jun 2014

Craigieburn Camera Club brings together photography enthusiasts from beginners to experts. Combined talents have plenty to offer the local community by sharing their skills and their passion for the local environment.

Vince C

03 Jun 2014

great for the community for people who love the art of photography

Ian L

03 Jun 2014

A photographic club in Craigieburn is a good idea. A group such as this will promote community spirit and can be considered a community educational facility for those wishing to learn about photography in a convivial atmosphere. I hope the local community supports the Craigieburn Camera Club

Ineke S

03 Jun 2014

I have recently joined Craigieburn Camera Club and am very impressed with the club. There are a lot of very talented photographers involved with the club and a good community spirit!

Richard C

03 Jun 2014

I was privileged to see some of the amazing photography from the CCC at the Global Learning Centre last year. Wishing CCC all the best in raising funds for this much needed display equipment.

Nishan W

03 Jun 2014

Really useful items for camera club.

Vicki C

03 Jun 2014

great club. Please help us out.

Kevin M

04 Jun 2014

great stuff they are doing

Beverley V

10 Jun 2014

This is a fantastic resource the Craigieburn Community. It brings together people with a diversity of skills and interests and is willing to share and mentor others in their photographic journey. The club has quadrupled in size of the past year which is a testament to its strength and need in the Community. It also plays a role in recording much of Hume's natural environment.