Rotary Club of Sunbury Family Community Kitchen

Funded in

August 2013 idea - provide hot nutritious meals for the local less fortunate
September 2013 result - Rotary Club of Sunbury Family Community Kitchen established
Now serving over one hundred guests and over fifty volunteers preparing Monday evening meals
The Community Kitchen provides
- nutritious meals for less fortunate locals
- companionship for those isolated from their community
- volunteers with personal development in various skills
- Project Cost $5,000 ongoing

The total project cost is… $4 550.00

The major “ongoing” costs associated with the project are…
- $3000 - Cooking equipment
- $1000- Crockery and cutlery
- $ 400 - Detergents and cleaning items
- $ 150 - Laundry

The $1,000 grant will be used on cooking equipment

Fundraising in the form of donations, other grants, sausage sizzles and other fundraising activities.


Marianne W

02 Jun 2014

Changing lives. Have seen people enjoying a healthy meal, where otherwise they may be going without. Companionship where otherwise isolation and loneliness. People talking, engaging and laughing otherwise feeling depressed.

Jenny G

02 Jun 2014

This is an amazing project and could really utilise a grant to help with equipment.

Ritchie G

02 Jun 2014

I think its an awesome community event. Its fantastic guys really!!!! #awesome

Bronwyn L

02 Jun 2014

This is a really worthy cause for a grant. What a fantastic job they do.

Cameron W

02 Jun 2014

Great event great food great cause

Michelle P

02 Jun 2014

You have had such an impact on our lives. One night a week I don't have to worry about how we are going to eat. The food is amazing and the people just incredible.

Cathy B

02 Jun 2014

So many in need! Great job guys!

Margaret F

03 Jun 2014

Wonderful support to the community

Paul M

03 Jun 2014

After seeing what the community kitchen offers first hand, the grant will allow the continuation of this very valuable service. Whilst a place where people come and eat, the kitchen offers much more, from social interaction to a night off cooking for the elderly.

Wendi B

03 Jun 2014

This is a great community project. The warmth and non judgemental caring of volunteers is refreshing. Meals are always healthy and well prepared and seconds are never a problem! Knowing that every Monday night there is a place for people to go when times are tough is comforting and needed in this community. Please consider this truly necessary community project.

John B

03 Jun 2014

Hi I have been working washing dishes at the kitchen and I am so happy doing this service for our community, just to see all the smiling faces of the people coming for a meal is so pleasing, this is a great service and the $1000 would be greatly need to help keep the family kitchen going. Thank you

Pheona V

03 Jun 2014

A great community vibe.

Rhonda M

03 Jun 2014

Fantastic idea

Geri D

03 Jun 2014

Great initiative run by volunteers who selflessly give their time and skill (amazing cook) to provide a friendly place where people can to go to with their families every Monday, enjoy a variety of wholesome meals, make friendships and get a sense of belonging . Pls. vote for a very worthy cause and a free service to the community.

Matt T

03 Jun 2014

Yet another excellent Rotary project. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Des H

03 Jun 2014

The Kitchen has been a success beyond expectations, additional funds are required to keep the Kitchen going.

Stephen H

03 Jun 2014

This program is a fantastic idea and has grown quickly since it's inception. It's popularity within our community and numbers who utilise it gives credence to it's ongoing need. Obviously it can't totally survive on voluntary services and equipment can be expensive so I believe they well deserve the $1000donation for equipment.

Kylie P

03 Jun 2014

it does a great DEAL FOR THE COMMUNITY each week serving food and a happy face too they do a good job and it help when it hard to afford food and i am grateful for them

Neil W

03 Jun 2014

Great Community involvement.

Marianne K

03 Jun 2014

The Community Kitchen is a requirement now.

Stephen W

03 Jun 2014

A very worthy cause, and getting bigger and better every week, with a lot of community surport

Jennifer D

03 Jun 2014

What a wonderful community service for Sunbury

Anna I

03 Jun 2014

Such a wonderful initiative. Well done to you all and hope you get this well deserved grant. Xxoo

Sherrie V

03 Jun 2014

I've been coming here since mid September 2013 and have met some lovely people. Both my young children have had a birthday cake there on there special day. My kids love playing with the other children. It also gives me the time off from having to cook. :)

Kellie D

04 Jun 2014

Go sunbury

Kellie D

04 Jun 2014

Keep up the good work!!

Billie A

05 Jun 2014

Awesome work guys, it would be great to have this twice a week for the community who aren't as lucky as others! Thank you

Helen L

05 Jun 2014

I bring my elderly mother and another older lady and they love coming to a cooked meal and meeting other people. It is a very happy and social occasion for both ladies. I also enjoy meeting with other people and having a night off from cooking.

Godfrey G

07 Jun 2014

A wonderful work being done by this group the feedback I have received is extroardinary.A very generous idea where people get the chance to give of their time and provide material funding so others who are isolated in society because of age, financial and other situations have a chance to join others and get together for fellowship and a good meal.They are made feel that they are worthy in the community. The old australian way of life.

Linda H

09 Jun 2014

We love helping there as much as we love eating there! :)

Cassandra G

10 Jun 2014

A brilliant initiative that deserves all of the help that it can get - I have seen myself the difference that this project is making in the community and it is phenomenal. Keep up the excellent work!

Tobias S

11 Jun 2014

Such a great community project. Keep it growing!

Julie S

12 Jun 2014

The Kitchen is a place where people of all ages, some lonely, many disadvantaged in some way can come together and share a healthy delicious three course meal every Monday night and make new friends. The Kitchen is changing peoples lives in a good way, giving them back the confidence they may have lost for some reason or another. It is a place where no one is judged and everyone is welcome. Our Kitchen has become a family for many of our guests and volunteers alike. It has become an important part of many peoples lives here in Sunbury and will continue to provide this valuable service to our community. We do not charge for our meals, but do rely on donations from the community, grants we can apply for and Second Bite who provide us with fruit and vegetables each week as well meat if it is available.

Diane W

12 Jun 2014

The kitchen is a great place to come and enjoy a hot meal and my kids love it here

Josyne S

12 Jun 2014

A wonderful initiative founded by two generous, compassionate souls that encompasses a real sense of 'Community' - sharing a meal where you are welcomed, accepted, valued and where friendships are made.