School Vegetable Garden

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Dingley Primary currently has the basis of a vegetable garden but it needs a boost to start producing enough vegetables for student use. A group of keen parents have started a ‘Garden Club’ and are meeting with the children once a week to work on the vegie patch. It is vital that the students within our school community get the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the growing of vegetables and healthy eating through hands on experiences including growing and cooking the vegetables.

The total project cost is… $1 900.00

The major costs associated with the project are…
Item 1 $1200 Materials for construction of garden beds and trellis
Item 2 $300 Vegetable seedlings and propagation equipment
Item 3 $200 Soil
Item 4 $200 Garden equipment

The $1,000 grant will be used to… purchase some of the materials for the garden beds and trellis.

The Garden Club will conduct some lunchtime activities charging students for involvement.


Melanie W

03 Aug 2015

Such a wonderful project. Teaching children about wholesome healthy food.

Beth L

03 Aug 2015

This is an amazing opportunity for the kids. We don't have a vegetable garden at home so this allows all the children to participate.

Kirstie B

03 Aug 2015

Fantastic Project Idea! Creating a visual experience of healthy eating to our children!

Rachel K

03 Aug 2015

Good Luck Dingley Primary!

Kylie K

04 Aug 2015

Voted.... now to cross my fingers

Vanessa B

04 Aug 2015

this will be fantastic for this community school

Helen J

04 Aug 2015

A brilliant initiative to help children connect with nature and to experience fresh, healthy, and nourishing food!

Amity D

04 Aug 2015

This would be fantastic to improve a much loved and valued area of the school.

Katrina D

04 Aug 2015

Votes cast. Good luck D.P.S.!

Katrina D

04 Aug 2015

Votes cast. Good luck DPS!

JacintA P

04 Aug 2015

Good luck, I can't wait to see this wonderful idea,

Schana S

04 Aug 2015

Learning about growing their own food is an invaluable resource for kids

Effie B

05 Aug 2015

Good luck Dingley Primary!!

James B

05 Aug 2015

A nice way for kids to participate in sustainability

Jenny H

05 Aug 2015

Great opportunity for the kids. They love using the produce from the vegie garden.

Karen B

05 Aug 2015

A really worthwhile project!

Angie W

05 Aug 2015

Good luck DPS.

Sandra C

06 Aug 2015

Given all my 10 votes

Reshmi S

06 Aug 2015

Done, all 10 votes, good luck Dingley PS!!

Anna J

08 Aug 2015

In Our Technological age, Connecting Children to Awesome!!!!!!

Carolyn S

09 Aug 2015

Good luck Dingley Primary

Leanne T

10 Aug 2015

Such an important learning experience for children to create a sustainable future. All the best DPS.

Joan B

10 Aug 2015

Good luck Dingley Primary in getting you Garden going as this is a great project to teach the children about growing the Vegies and eating good nourishing food

Jade M

10 Aug 2015

Teaching kids where food comes from and how it's grown is priceless. Invaluable experience for city kids to learn about their country cousins living & working on farms.

Melissa H

12 Aug 2015

Good luck Dingley...

Leigh P

12 Aug 2015

Will come around for lunch when the vegies are done.

Mary D

13 Aug 2015

Goodluck Dingley Primary School. Such a great idea to get kids involved & teach them about healthy eating.