Wooden Wonderland Native and Natural Play Garden: Meruka Childcare Cooperative

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Special thanks to sculptor Leigh Conkie. To create a natural experiental outdoor play area that features Australian native animals sculpted from wood. The Wooden Wonderland will allow children to touch, smell, feel & learn about natural resources, the environment & native flora & fauna. A complementary education program will also run in the classrooms. Sculptures may include: Slide & cuddle-me kangaroo, Ride & wrestle-me wombat, Pat-me platypus & water splash space, Possum Magic peekaboo tree.

The total project cost is… $5 000.00

The major costs associated with the project are:
Contract a local sculptor to create the animals $3,500
Tree stumps/wood $1,000
Installation $500

The $1,000 grant will be used to…:
Engage the sculptor ie create the animal sculptures.

The remains funds will come from already planned fundraising events: Trivia Night, Twilight Market, Chocolate, Raffles etc. Some existing funds are already earmarked for such activities.


Rose M

29 Oct 2012

Love the tactile nature of this proposal

Andrea R

29 Oct 2012

My daughter attends Meruka and it is a fabulous centre with dedicated and passionate staff and members. It is non profit and does so much work to try and raise funds and it really does need some new equipment to inspire and educate our children.

Zoe S

29 Oct 2012

This would be a fantastic addition to the children's play space! The rewards would be immense for a centre that struggles to make ends meet. The children and families would just love something like this, and I'm sure the hardworking staff would also be incredibly grateful! It's got my (10) votes!!

April A

30 Oct 2012

What a terrific idea! Bringing a touch of nature back into the play space of this amazing child care facility. Good luck Meruka.

Lisa H

02 Nov 2012

Love it!

Melanie D

04 Nov 2012

Meruka would really benefit from this idea. The kids will absolutely love it!

Krysta J

07 Nov 2012

Another great idea from Meruka! Thankyou, my son will love this.

Terri P

07 Nov 2012

Meruka constantly strives to improve the kids' daily play and learning experiences, this would be a valuable addition towards making them even better. Go, Meruka!

Kylie H

07 Nov 2012

The children will love this fantastic idea!

Kylie P

07 Nov 2012

A wonderful idea for a wonderful centre

Sonia T

08 Nov 2012

Great idea Meruka!

Mel H

08 Nov 2012

Another feature that will help the learning experience of my children- thank you.

Rachael L

08 Nov 2012

Great Idea for a wonderful centre

Rachael C

08 Nov 2012

Meruka children would love a wooden wonderland

Peter K

08 Nov 2012

To see this wonderful idea come to fruition “wood” add to the continual development of the children that attend Meruka. I know that the children, their families, and the staff would all love this addition!

Chrystal S

08 Nov 2012

My children have each attended Meruka over the past 5 years. Meruka staff and the centre provide a wonderful, nurturing environment for our children. They are innovative and passionate and this idea reflects just that. 10 votes from me Meruka!!

Lisa T

08 Nov 2012

Love it

Lidya N

09 Nov 2012

Love the natural environment. Go Meruka, hope you win!

Sophie W

09 Nov 2012

A wonderful proposal for a wonderful center

Sophie W

09 Nov 2012

a wonderful proposal for a wonderful center. We all love Meruka

Joyce H

09 Nov 2012

good idea

Guang X

09 Nov 2012

so cute!

Kammeron C

10 Nov 2012

What a gorgeous idea. Love it. Hope you win.