Beach Patrol Mount Martha – Cleanup Supplies

Beach Patrol Mount Martha – Cleanup Supplies

Recently we established a Beach Patrol Group at Mount Martha Beach

In just one hour once a month to we clean our beach.

Already we are making a big difference to the health our our beach and in just 4 months since establishing we have collected 206 kgs of rubbish off the beach. Image what would could achieve in a year and longer.

To help us fully set up and continue our beach clean ups we need assistant with equipment.

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The major costs associated with the project are

Once a month we gather together as a community to complete Beach Patrol Clean ups of Mount Martha beach. We like to provide all equipment required to complete clean ups to ensure our volunteers only need to bring themselves and to make sure all volunteers, including children remain safe at our events. We would like to invest in more equipment to facilitate our clean ups as each month we are getting more interest in our events. Part of what we do is help spread awareness of how we as individuals can help care for our marine environment and educate the community on ways we can make positive change for our environment. For that reason we would like to invest in a banner and signage to help create awareness of our group. Children are an important part of our clean ups, the care so much about our environment and the marine animals and we like to include them by providing them with their own Beach Patrol T-shirt when they attend our clean ups multiple times. In future we would like to expand our clean ups to other interested community groups, like local business and schools.

The $1,000 grant will be used

Branded Heavy Duty Marquee to protect volunteers from the elements -$1200Banners - $200Sign - $80Safety Equipment including gloves, rubbish grabbers - $70T-shirts for children who attend multiple Beach Patrol clean ups - $200Buckets for sorting rubbish - $50