Cheltenham Cat Rescue – the Trouble with Toriana

Cheltenham Cat Rescue – the Trouble with Toriana

When I’m feeling down, I think of rescued animals like Toriana who deserve a second chance. At Cheltenham Cat Rescue we save many cats like Toriana and our volunteers take cats off the street. Most homeless cats are sent to the pound (and put to sleep). We tirelessly raise money to give cats like Toriana a life. After a busy year we currently have a huge vet bill to pay, reducing our capacity to save the lives of more innocent animals. We need all the help we can get so please vote for us!

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The major costs associated with the project are

In November 2017, Cheltenham Cat Rescue picked up this gorgeous, malnourished kitten with severe cat flu. None of us (vets included) thought she would survive but we decided to give it a shot. She was four weeks old, weighing 275 grams, couldn’t eat on her own and eyes sealed shut. Within the first four days of care, she went to the vets three times. Toriana then started having “episodes” which later turned out to be accompanied by Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS), triggered by fleas, causing her to self-mutilate her tail. She bit about an inch off before we discovered the cause. Her inner eyelids had also sealed shut and had to be cut apart. All seemed well after that, flu cleared up, she was gaining weight and doing great… Until December 30th where she had her first grand mal seizure. Thankfully all the tests ruled out anything sinister, but left us not knowing the cause. And once medicated, Toriana’s seizures and FHS were under control. Eight months later Toriana had another seizure, followed by what we thought were cluster seizures so we rushed her off to the emergency vets where she spent the night on a drip with anti-seizure medication. She developed a head tilt and was off balance. She was fine overnight, we took her to another vet in the morning who dismissed her without even checking her over, told me that she “was a very sick cat, it was neurological and I should put her to sleep”. Yeah right. That was not happening. Her specialist later diagnosed her with Vestibular Disease caused either by an ear infection or a polyp, and we discovered it was actually a persistent ear infection. The head tilt and balance issues disappeared about a week later.

The $1,000 grant will be used

Paying the remaining vet bill for Toriana.

How they raise the rest of the funding

Regular highway collections, a film fundraiser (14 June), GoFundMe appeals, future grant applications.