Delivery Food Parcels, Fawkner

Delivery Food Parcels, Fawkner

Delivery service of Food Parcels in the community catering to All. Weekly & f/n F/P includes a box, perishables of necessities, a grocery bag of breads, fruit and veggies. The F/P comes in 3 boxes. The general public, Halal & Diabetic.
Volunteer/hire-Contract$25p/h 20hr p/w=$500.00.
360 F/P @ 2.00 each =$900 + Advert $100= $1000
Profits $15 per F/P by360 =$5,400. 80 F/P p/w= $1,200
1,200by39 =$46,800.exp=$500by39= $19,500 F/H Prft $700 by 39=$27,300-$3,120 F/H = $24,180in 9 Months.

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The major costs associated with the project are

Food Parcels Parcels are $2.00 each at NorthPoint Trade drive Tullarmarine it's like a Food Bank for Melbourne Australia

The $1,000 grant will be used

Food Parcels $900.00 and Advertising $100.00

How they raise the rest of the funding

The volunteer/hire staff will come of the contributions collected from the food parcel delivery service. There won't be need for extra.