Free Senior Road Safety Talks

Free Senior Road Safety Talks

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How it will benefit your local community

As I go round giving free Senior road safety talks the participants have not kept up to date with their Road Rules and are quite unaware of the requirement's of Health and Medicines and what long term medical conditions that impacts on their driving, that it is mandatory to report to VicRoads, also they are not aware of conditional licences i.e. wearing of prescription glasses whilst driving must be reported to VicRoads. And just Road Rules in general over the last 30,40,50 &60 years. etc. I would like to purchase $1000 worth of Road Rule Books to give out to the attendees at the Senior road safety talks.

The major costs associated with the project are

$17.00 each road rule book The Social Club talks are free, however the road rule books cost $17.00 each

The $1,000 grant will be used

Road Rule Books for the Seniors that attend the Free road safe talks

How they raise the rest of the funding

I have approached Bunnings to hold two sausage sizzles before Christmas, to raise more funds to purchase more Road Rule Books. We have a large proportion of Senior’s on the Peninsula.