Greensborough Pre-School Digging Patch

Greensborough Pre-School Digging Patch

Our children have enjoyed engaging in the construction and playing in our preschools digging patch. Due to the kids enthusiasm and eagerness it has become tired and run down.

In partnership with students at Greensborough College, teachers and parents we’d like to rejuvenate this area into a ‘Wonderland’. Greensborough College will design and paint a mural bringing the area back to life and providing a great visual affect for the kids. The project will also improve the different sensory experiences in their play whilst supporting values of community, giving and working together.

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The major costs associated with the project are

• Six untreated garden sleepers (border), soil and gravel to create two different areas + delivery • Paint brushes, external paints (multiple colours), cleaning products and consumables for students to create mural

The $1,000 grant will be used

The grant would allow the purchase of the products listed in the major costs above. Students from the Greensborough College will design and use the paints for the mural and parents will place the garden sleepers and soil / gravel current digging patch location

How they raise the rest of the funding

No additional funding is anticipated given the costings have been completed with local business based on the scope of the project is clearly defined.