Help the Sweet Shepherds – Bayside community

Help the Sweet Shepherds – Bayside community

When we saw the opportunity that our local leader could help us which in turn means helping the community, we’ve jumped at the chance! We are a rescue group spread across the Melbourne region. Currently we do not have a huge presence in the bayside area and our aim is to have the community get to know us and get involved! We strongly feel that providing education to schools and the public about Animal Rescue groups and our rescue would benefit the bayside community.

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The major costs associated with the project are

To be able to provide assistance to dogs in need, we require funding to be able to do so. As we are a not for profit organisation we rely heavily on donations from our community, there are major costs involved with animal rescue. Anything from major vet bills, food supplies and storage for said food supplies, equipment such as dog bedding, leashes, collars, the works! Transportation to and from our foster carers, to remove animals from dangerous situations are currently all volunteer based, petrol costs for this add up very quickly!

The $1,000 grant will be used

If we were the lucky ones to be apart of and chosen for the community grant, we would be using this money to be able to purchase much needed supplies to keep our donated food safe, as well as paying our major vet bills to help our K9 friends in our palliative care and elderly care programme. We also plan to start a programme to have community sessions where we provide information evenings to the public about rescue, fostering and adoption processes as well as general education for children on compassion for animals and how to get involved.

How they raise the rest of the funding

We currently rely on self promotion for our rescue, as well as our lovely volunteers making the effort to get our organisation out there by the means of fundraising at work places, market stalls and events such as the dog lovers show.