Livingston Kindergarten Sharing Shelf, Highett

Livingston Kindergarten Sharing Shelf, Highett

The Livingston Kindergarten Sharing Shelf will be a place for all families & community members to come and drop off items and collect items that they need. (eg. clothes, toys, books, nappies) This concept saves on wastage & money. Livingston Kindergarten shares a building with a maternal health office which combined, has approximately 150 families passing through the building each week.

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The major costs associated with the project are

The purchase of shelving (including construction and making sure the shelves are wall mounted, as to not fall if climbed on) and signage.

The $1,000 grant will be used

1. The purchase of shelving.2. The purchase of wall-mounting equipment.3. The purchase of basket-like boxes to sit on the shelving.4. The purchase of signage.5. The cost of instruction sheets.6. The cost of local advertising (through letterbox drop and Bayside Leader)

How they raise the rest of the funding

We will ask the families of the kinder to donate shelving and their time to construct it.The kids and teachers will make signage (attempt to) during kinder sessions.