Seawinds Capel Sound Boomerang Bags

Seawinds Capel Sound Boomerang Bags

A volunteer program using recycled fabric to create FREE:
i) Boomerang Bags- recycle bags to reduce plastic
ii) Fleece sheets- bedsheets for homeless people
iii) Pamper bags- filled with shower toiletries
We also repair uniforms donated to ‘Uniforms4U’ – free to families in need
Major costs are sewing machines, overlockers & thread

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The major costs associated with the project are

The major costs associated with this project include sewing machines, overlockers and thread plus the costs to repair/maintain machines.

The $1,000 grant will be used

The $1,000 grant will allow the SCS Boomerang Bag group to purchase all of the thread and 1 machines to create the abovementioned bags. Costs associated with the supply and collection of fabric is not included- only machines and thread.

How they raise the rest of the funding

The balance of the project cost ($1000) will be raised by the SCSBoomers via the selling of raffle tickets and other fundraising activities.