Vertical Gardens for Kingswood Primary School

Vertical Gardens for Kingswood Primary School

We would like to make vertical gardens to go outside each classroom for each class to look after. Each class could plant things which are linked to the science topic being studied in that year level. For example, when our grade two students learn about healthy eating, they could plant some vegetables and herbs. When our grade four students learn about Australia’s natural features, they could plant some native plants. The learning opportunities are simply unbe-LEAF-able!

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The major costs associated with the project are

Vertical gardens kits by Holman brand, available at Bunnings (these include the frame, pots and built in watering system): $79 each x 13 double portable classrooms = $1027 Plant seedling/seeds and soil = $200 (approx, we may have some donated by parents , community members, local nursery etc.)

The $1,000 grant will be used

We will spend the $1,000 on the vertical garden kits from Bunnings. These are called 'Mobile Greenwalls' and can be found hereTo get 13 of these vertical garden kids it will cost $1027 (the school will cover the $27). This will cover the main infrastructure needed for our project.

How they raise the rest of the funding

We will need to raise some money to buy seeds or seedlings and soil for the plants. We already have the gardening tools required to plant the plants. We will ask for donations of plants and seeds from parents and the local community. If we don't get enough donations, we will use money from our school sustainability budget to purchase the seeds . We have a small amount of money set aside in our sustainability budget for projects like this. But we don't have enough to cover the cost of the whole project ourselves.