Wes’ Workshop at Eltham Festival, Eltham Woodworkers

Wes’ Workshop at Eltham Festival, Eltham Woodworkers

A highlight of Eltham Woodworkers Annual Exhibition is Wes’ Workshop.
This free workshop helps children build their own item from prefabricated timber. Wes Workshop is entirely manned by volunteers who precut the items during the year and assist in assembling during the 2 day event. It demonstrates the satisfaction of building something yourself, and encourage an interest in hand skills. This builds confidence and pride in volunteers and participants

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The major costs associated with the project are

Project 2019 - Construction of 400 racing cars Contribution to club maintenance and equipment - $500 Timber - mostly donated Mini drills for assembly - $200 Dowel - $100 Rubber bands - $100 Screws / brads - $100 Paint / crayons - $75 Sundries - $75 Refreshments for volunteers - $25

The $1,000 grant will be used

Equipment and materials as listed above

How they raise the rest of the funding

Club will contribute